3 Newest And Greatest Action Releases To Try

When it comes to gaming trends, action games have never gone out of fashion. The heart-pounding thrills of carefully timing your next move, wondering what’s around that next bend, or weighing up the consequences of what your next decision could bring, have an undeniable pull for most. This is why it’s exciting to see what games are trending now that the year is in full swing.

While there are plenty of great contenders on this list, there’s a select few that have easily become entrenched in the hearts and minds of fans around the globe. The following games are the three greatest action releases to date this year.

  • Prince of Persia

One of the longest-running action games ever, Prince of Persia has a new game added to its storyline called Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. The release has happened on PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as being available on several Xbox series (X/S and One) and Nintendo Switch. The latest and greatest Prince of Persia title has become an instant fan favorite, and the action-packed sequences in the game have left fans delighted.

The game covers all the beloved features of its predecessors, from puzzle sequences, and gorgeous artworks to evolving combat that keeps it true to its roots. Couple that with authentic Iranian music played in the background, and as a herald for certain NPC characters, and you’ll easily fall for the charm of Prince of Persia.

The game is incredibly well-made and is set to delight old fans and win plenty of new ones, thanks to the thought that’s gone into producing it. One of the first games to ever release a character with parkour skills, they’ll be required and in certain levels the effort required to complete maneuvers is not for the faint of heart. The only way for players to unlock new abilities is by thoroughly exploring the many environments around. Boss fights, while tricky, are not unbeatable, and ultimately, you’re left with a feeling of triumph and nostalgia as the game progresses.

The exploration of the mythical land of Mount Qaf is well-known in Persian lore, and the richly detailed scenes are brought to life in the game. Overall, most players, even those who aren’t fond of 2D action games, have been won over by the sheer beauty and design of the landscapes and world.

  • Skull and Bones

One of Ubisoft’s most anticipated releases has finally happened. Skull and Bones, which was a ghost of a promise in 2017 finally materialized and made it to harbor in early 2024 … and it was worth waiting for. For those not in the know, Skull and Bones is an open-world fast-paced pirate game is set to be a fully encompassing adventure that takes place on the rolling high seas though there are a few glitches here and there that are irksome to some – however, time is certain to smooth these out.

Some fan-favorite features so far include the ability for players to form a vast and complex crew, set off into the deep to hunt legendary giant sea creatures, and, no pirate adventure would be complete without the ability to engage in high-stakes naval warfare. The balance of PvP scenarios coupled with plenty of PvE action scenes keeps the game fairly invigorating.

For many, the fact you navigate the world as a ship may feel a bit odd at first, but players quickly adapt to the lack of character arcs to focus instead on the sea combat maneuvers and kitting out their ship to suit their playing style. The NPC characters you do meet are as quirky as you could imagine the scallywags would be – and they seem to exist, for now, solely to dispense quests and trade items with.

As the game is still in its infancy there’s plenty of room for improvement to be made. However, with a planned year of content underway, it’s heartening to see how quickly fans have flocked to the seas to engage in naval warfare, and high seas shenanigans.

  • Tekken 8

After an almost decade-long wait, fans of the Tekken franchise rejoiced to see the latest addition to the game, Tekken 8, has finally been released, with plenty of new bells and whistles added to the gameplay mechanics that make it feel like new. There are a few fan-favorite characters who haven’t made the cut into the newer game, but there are more than enough new characters on the roster, with similar skill sets, to more than make up for that minor inconvenience.

The story-mode adds an entirely new depth to the overall game arc, and the inclusion of previous games lore makes it highly enjoyable for fans who enjoy the personalized look at things. The ability to play online against others is a new addition that has left many fans raving, and just as many fans are loving the ability to create a customizable character to fight through different arcades in the additional mode.

Many newcomers to the game love the ability to use the Special Style in order to bring them up to speed in the fighting style of many Tekken veterans. All in all, with fluid game mechanics, beautiful and quirky character designs, and a host of exciting features, this fighting-style game is everything and more that was hoped for. 

Tough To Beat

While there are plenty of other action game releases that are set to drop this year, including some incredible continuation of sagas (such as the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth), the ones that are listed above are going to be very hard to outshine. From gorgeous graphics, well-thought-out storylines, and plenty of ambient and surreal sounds to beckon you on, these action games are going to remain firm favorites to play and replay over the next few months.

Whether you’re after a side-scrolling adventure, a high-seas naval skirmish, or seek some hand-to-hand combat skills, you’ll find all you’re after and more with the action games listed above. After you’ve navigated and won your way through the game, you can always check out Grand Rush casino for more adrenalin pumping games, or dive into the title you just finished all over again!

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