How to Boost Happiness at Work

One of the biggest challenges that HR and managers face is how to improve employee happiness and well-being. Studies have shown that happy employees are more productive. It is also known that happier employees are more likely to be healthy and have smooth professional relationships, all of which can be beneficial to the company. Boosting happiness at work is not as complicated as you might think. Here are some simple tips that can improve your workplace’s happiness levels.

Random acts of kindness can boost happiness at work. Random acts of kindness are a cost-free way to make other people smile and feel appreciated. Some examples of such acts are writing something nice on a whiteboard or flip-chart, or even making two cups of coffee instead of one. Giving people a head start will make them feel appreciated, and they’ll be more likely to appreciate the extra effort.

Research has shown that employees who are treated badly at work reduce the amount of time they spend there, and the quality of their work decreases. Additionally, 66 percent of workers report that their performance suffers as a result of negative treatment from their employers. According to the survey, the amount of happiness among employees today is lower than it was 30 years ago.

Organizational psychologists have studied how to increase job satisfaction for decades. While there is no universal formula to increase job satisfaction, the best place to work is one that is meaningful and helps you feel good about yourself. For example, some people are more satisfied by doing the job and getting out, while others prefer a more collaborative atmosphere.

Employees who feel unfulfilled at work should be assigned to projects that are filled with positive people. Happy people are more productive and happier, and this positive energy can be contagious. For this reason, HR should encourage employees to speak up and offer suggestions on how to improve the team’s morale. A company’s culture should also be conducive to happiness. If staff turnover is high and employees feel happy, it is probably a sign that there is a problem in the culture of the company.

Another way to boost employee happiness is to provide snacks. This will not only increase productivity, but it will also improve the team’s engagement. Snacks will also spark a lot of conversations around the water cooler. A healthy workplace encourages teamwork and better employee retention. Boosting happiness at work is a win-win for everyone.

Besides healthy food, boosting happiness in the workplace also means creating a good company culture. Offering employees perks like training days and skill-building activities can improve your staff’s morale.

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